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zombie survival quiz! part 2 after life

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so do you think you survive paris? well not any more youre in the u.s.a and now you have super powers like alice(resident evil) and see if you survive because if you dont you failed and died THINK YOU WILL SURVIVE AFTER LIFE?

  1. 1

    so you had that vision of the zombies what do you do??!!

  2. 2

    so you know that vision? well zombies are invading u.s.a!

  3. 3

    you now need guns but you already have a magmum what do u do?

  4. 4

    so you decided not to go on vechicle so you need a crew where woud you go?

  5. 5

    now its time to kill zome zombies on your way to the guns shop!!

  6. 6

    holy crud! 2 million zombies are in front of the guns shop and they see you !

  7. 7

    ok you killed them all with your powers now the guns shop!

  8. 8

    so you are in the guns shop but theres a zombie ea- holy crap your parents are bitten

  9. 9

    ok you need weapons whch ones do you pick?

  10. 10

    you now know that if you have a crew it will just slow you down!

  11. 11

    ok now you decided you need a crew after question 4 where would u look?

  12. 12

    you fist go to up town you see two million survivors and 9 million zombies!

  13. 13

    you join the two million survivorscough cough the anti-virus!

  14. 14

    its time to kill the zombie boss! what do you do?

  15. 15

    you decided to let the survivors kill the zombie but he killed them

  16. 16

    killed the zombie boss now what?

  17. 17

    7 survivors you two of your friends (from first part) and four milatary people

  18. 18

    your now hungry but you have everything to eat in the milatary bag!

  19. 19

    three of your team mates died for the infection what do you do?

  20. 20

    (last qustion) two friends you and milatary person now what!?

  21. 21

    bonus! nothing to do with the quiz but part 3 is coming 29th of febuary

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