which star trek species are you??

by: planet12

are you a klingon, romulan, vulcan, betazed, or cardacian

  1. 1

    in school your favorite subject was...........

  2. 2

    your lover just got eaten by a tribble hord. your reaction is..........

  3. 3

    you are driving in traffic and are moving at a snails pace. what do you do?

  4. 4

    you have to be on hold with a government agency........

  5. 5

    a restaurant. you order....

  6. 6

    your walking along and you come across a dead armadillo beside the road...do you...

  7. 7

    you are failing a class, do you.....

  8. 8

    you bite into your apple only to discover half a worm! do you...

  9. 9

    obama passes a law saying that all sentient life forms must pay him a persentage of their income to fund a dental plan for illigal imigrants

  10. 10

    you are diagnosed with flesh eating bacteria. there is no cure. you will be dead in one month....do you...

  11. 11

    you meet a talking frog....do you

  12. 12

    a person comes up to you, tells you that you suck....do you...

  13. 13

    you win the lottery...what do you do..

  14. 14

    your friend asks for 300 dollars...do you

  15. 15

    which pop tart is the best

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