How well do u know diferent breeds of dogs? (Think like a dog)

by: InvaderBeth

Do u realy think You know about dogs. Try to figure what breed u are by acting like a dog. Don't be upset if u fail, this is a hard test.

  1. 1

    U hear a strange noise in the middle of the night. U get up and run staight towards the noise and even when something kicks u backwards, u come charging at the noise again.What breed r u?

  2. 2

    U r in ur backyard when all of a sudden this fine smell drifts past ur nose. The next thing u know, it's getting dark, u've been runnin for a real long time, and u have no idea where u r. what breed

  3. 3

    Ur home alone. With out meanin 2 u discover that the closet door is open, and the 50 pound dog food bag is open, and at ground level. U dive into the bag and eat till it's all gone. What breed r u?

  4. 4

    U're standin in the kitchen and everythin u look at is urs. This makes u happy. Someone eles comes into the room and picks up 1 of ur things. u r unable to hide ur frustration. What breed r u?

  5. 5

    All in the coures of1 day u r convinced u have been nearly killed32 times. Cupboard door tried to crush u, flood of water from sink, feet tried to use u for a rug. It was like nobody saw u. What breed

  6. 6

    U just spent the day working with the local police. Now u eat a quick meal before headin off to ur night as watchdog. What breed r u?

  7. 7

    Its jan and u can't get enough of the fresh air, so u head off on a light 15 mile run. Then after a light lunch u decide to do one more loop. What Breed r u?

  8. 8

    U just came downstairs, which took quite a while and u realize u left ur fav sweater upstairs. u wait for someone to carry u cus u know it would be bad for ur health to climb the stairs too often.

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