Microbiology Quiz - April 2010

by: microvignesh

Who doesn't like challenges? Take the Microbiology Quiz and sharpen your Microbiology skills...

  1. 1

    Which antibiotic is used as an in-vitro platelet aggregation agent

  2. 2

    Colorimetric tests can be used to determine ------------- of gonococci

  3. 3

    -------------------- is highly invasive and has Para crystalline surface layer

  4. 4

    Hot tub dermatitis caused by --------------------

  5. 5

    ----------------------- precipitates PPD

  6. 6

    Swimming pool granuloma caused by ------------------------

  7. 7

    S. moniliformis causes a form of rat bite fever called -----------------------

  8. 8

    Which one of the following products of Aspergillus is associated with increased risk of Reye’s syndrome

  9. 9

    Glycoprotein spikes extending from the envelope of some viruses are also known as

  10. 10

    Calabar swellings are seen in patients infected with ------------------

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