Gorean book knowledge test 4

by: BilITheAxe

This is a test to see how well you know the Gor books. If all of your knowledge of Gor comes from websites, be warned, you will likely not do very well on this test as most websites about Gor flat out lie about what was in the books.
Take the test and find out how much you really know...

  1. 1

    Slaves begged to approach in the books

  2. 2

    In book 28 there are references to Kurii owning humans as slaves, but are there any references to humans actually owning Kurii?

  3. 3

    Refrigeration was common in Gorean homes

  4. 4

    If a Gorean free person killed someone elses slave what would happen.

  5. 5

    Zar is a game commonly played by

  6. 6

    Cho was in the books

  7. 7

    Goean slaves could be killed for no reason at all

  8. 8

    Insubordination, slaves are quickly taught, is not acceptable, in any way, to the Gorean Master.

  9. 9

    If a person is being denied bread, salt and fire, he is being

  10. 10

    Male slaves in the cities were typically forced to dress as slaves and wear collars

  11. 11

    Indoor plumbing existed on Gor

  12. 12

    Kurii considered humans as

  13. 13

    Only the men of the Caste of Tarn keepers trained Tarns according to the books

  14. 14

    Redfruit existed on Gor

  15. 15

    According to the Gorean way of thinking pity humiliates both he who pities and he who is pitied.

  16. 16

    Jashi is a term from the books

  17. 17

    Serving ka-la-na in silver vessels is poisonous

  18. 18

    On Gor, one woman in forty is a slave

  19. 19

    Clocks exist on Gor

  20. 20

    There were love slaves on Gor

  21. 21

    Servery is a term from the books

  22. 22

    I wound this about the girl's thighs, low, to reveal her navel. It is called the slave belly. On Gor it is only slave girls who expose their navels.

  23. 23

    Book 28, Kur of Gor, Takes place where?

  24. 24

    Karta was a term used in the books

  25. 25

    You cannot punish me! she cried. You are not my Masters! Any Free Pesron can punish an errant slave girl, I said.

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