Are You In Love With Your Crush?

Are You In Love With Your Crush?

by: Katie_Nicole13

Im like totally in love with my crush/bestfriend lol so why not make a quiz to help you determine if you are???

  1. 1

    How Well Do You Know Your Crush?

  2. 2

    How Much Time Do You Spend With Your Crush?

  3. 3

    Why Havent You Told Your Crush You Like Them?

  4. 4

    Why Do You Like Your Crush?

  5. 5

    What Would You Do If Your Crush Told You He Was Moving Away Tommorow?

  6. 6

    How Do You Feel Around Your Crush?

  7. 7

    How Did You Come To Like Your Crush?

  8. 8

    If You Could You Could Date Your Crush Right Now, Would You?

  9. 9

    If You Answered No To #8, Why?

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