So You Think You Know Taylor Swift?

by: Chocoberry

Take the quiz to prove that you are a true Taylor Swift fan!

  1. 1

    What is Taylor's real name?

  2. 2

    When was Taylor born?

  3. 3

    What state was Taylor born in?

  4. 4

    When Taylor Swift was young, what did they call her?

  5. 5

    EXTRA: What does Taylor Swift call Taylor Lautner?

  6. 6

    Is It true that Taylor is a actress?

  7. 7

    In what grade did Taylor win with her three page poem, "Monster In My Closet"?

  8. 8

    Does Taylor play the piano?

  9. 9

    How old is Taylor Swift (2009) ?

  10. 10

    EXTRA QUESTION: What color was Taylor's dress in 2009's MTV Video Music Awards?

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