what do the cullens think of you (2)

by: fozzy4ever

hey pplz! dis iz my 2nd quiz.______ means 2 put ur name here. i do not own the characters in here. hope u like it. plz comment n rate. thnx oh n 1 thing......


  1. 1

    u go up to da cullens door n edward opens da door so u

  2. 2

    carlisle is eatin chicken n u r hungry u

  3. 3

    u go upstairs to go see edward in carlisle's office n u see eddy serchin 4 robert pattinson u

  4. 4

    u guys play 7 minutes in heaven n u get emmett u

  5. 5

    someone rings the doorbell n u find out dat it is bob who likes 2 stalks ppl u

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