The elder scrolls personality Quiz

The elder scrolls personality Quiz

by: Sapphie

hi this is a quiz on Oblivion because i didnt see many GOOD personality quizzes...
no offense all the good ones i already took...

  1. 1

    youse target is in a castle and there are many guards what do youse do???

  2. 2

    There is a one-of-a-kind poison Dagger (that doesnt run out of poison) in the possesion of a renegade thief what do youse do???

  3. 3

    youse is tasked to get a item and youse is not told what the item is but are told there are 4 guards in that room how do youse get it???

  4. 4

    youse got a letter from a unknown person telling youse to kill the theif guild leader how do youse kill her???

  5. 5

    Whae hearing a legend about a ring that can give youse immortality and that it is protected by the God of Spells how do youse get it???

  6. 6

    there are 7 peices of a tablet that will give youse the status of "GOD" 4 of the pieces? in a well guarded castle. the other 3? in cave that was built by the creators of the tablet what do youse do???

  7. 7

    youse was betrayed by youse partner and she took all youse tools and equipment how do you get the stuff back???

  8. 8

    there is a bank with 900B gold how do youse get it???

  9. 9

    youse have a item that the thief guild wants what do youse do???

  10. 10

    there is a person that has youse blades and youse want them back what do youse do???

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