1. Being a Christian Leader

by: wycliffe_wei
  1. 1

    Christian leadership is, A) entrusted to us by God; B) done to please God; C) being accountable to God; D) done under the compulsion of God; E) being ultimately responsible to our leaders / pastors

  2. 2

    The centre and focus of Christian leadership is/are,

  3. 3

    The power and strength of Christian leadership is derived from,

  4. 4

    Christian leadership is centered on,

  5. 5

    Christian leadership is dependent on,

  6. 6

    Christian leadership, being life-exemplified, consists primarily of a maturing relationship ship with God. Which of the following is NOT a secondary characteristics of Christian leadership?

  7. 7

    Christian leaders should aspire to,

  8. 8

    Who you are is not as important as what you can achieve for God in ministry.

  9. 9

    The scripture is not a reliable guide to daily living; only the Holy Spirit is.

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