angel or deil v.2

by: chaospikmin

updated version :P

  1. 1

    u get a chance to blow up a country u hate

  2. 2

    ur best frd is a zombie and u hate zombies wat will u do

  3. 3

    oh noes ur lost in the mall wat will u do

  4. 4

    ur grandma gives u a gun and tells u to kill some1 wat will u do

  5. 5

    u have won the hardest trophy in the world and ur frd wants to hold it for a week

  6. 6

    ur in the hospital and they give u a doctor tht just got bck from medical school

  7. 7

    some1 shot ur parents and is still in the house wat will u do

  8. 8

    oh dear it looks like ur parents are torturin

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