Am I Being Used? ((pleaseee take and help me i have no idea if i am and i may be in love with him))

by: caseyyxxx

okay guys, i need to know if im being used. im in love with the same guy i needed help flirting with. so now were...friends with 'benifits' if you know what i mean. very s*ual. no $ x though dont worry. but b l/0.w j0/b s. and i have no idea if hes using me. hellppp comment and rate please!

ps:if you guys are going through a tough time, msg k? maybe i can help?

  1. 1

    When we talk, he looks at my eyes, but sometimes, he goes to a s*xual convo

  2. 2

    whenever we hang out, he always gets me alone, and then i do what i wrote in the intro. when im done, he'll either talk to me/watch tv/go to sleep/ go upstairs to hang with my brother

  3. 3

    he always looks at my a*$, i can tell cause he compliments me on my thong.

  4. 4

    whenever were in the basement with his bro, i cant blow him, or in front of anyone. and he told me not to tell anyone. we havent even kissed.

  5. 5

    he never wants to talk about it, but when we do, its asking if i want to, but he says "if you dont want to you really dont have to, i dont wanna make you do something you dont wanna do"

  6. 6

    sometimes after he leaves and i blew him, he wont come back for a while. he told me its cause he has a lot of hw cause hes in high classes. everyone tells me its true.

  7. 7

    he always wants to know why im upset

  8. 8

    honestly, do you think hes using me?

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