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  1. 1

    The people who found fault with the "captains of industry" mostly argued that these men...

  2. 2

    inseveral states, farmers helped to pass the "grander laws,"which raised tariffs

  3. 3

    the united states government's outlawing of the indian sun (ghost) dance in 1890 resulted in the

  4. 4

    booker t washington believed that the key to political and civil rights for African Americans was

  5. 5

    the mining frontier played a vital role in

  6. 6

    theodore roosevelt defended his building of the panama canal by claiming that

  7. 7

    during the gilded age, most of the railroad barons

  8. 8

    america's first billion-dollar corporation was

  9. 9

    in the warfare that raged between the indians and the american military after the Civil war, the

  10. 10

    the united state's frequent intervention in the affairs of Latin American countries in the early twentieth century

  11. 11

    the indians battle whites for all the following reason except to

  12. 12

    the bitter conflict between whites and indians intensified

  13. 13

    labor unrest during the hayes administration stemmed from

  14. 14

    in response to the Boxer rebellion, the united states

  15. 15

    The credit mobilier scandal involved

  16. 16

    the first major product of the oil industry was

  17. 17

    The "gospel of wealth" which associtated godliness with riches,

  18. 18

    Teddy roosevelt's role in the panamanian revolution involved

  19. 19

    In 1904 the russo-japanese war started because

  20. 20

    The new immigrants who came to the United states after 1880

  21. 21

    "spoilsmen" was the label attached to those who

  22. 22

    which of the following sports was not developed in the decades following the civil war?

  23. 23

    the legals codes that estabilished the system of segregation were

  24. 24

    black leader dr. W.E.B.Du Bois

  25. 25

    the plains indians were finally forced to surrender

  26. 26

    a major problem faced by settlers on the great plains in the 1870s was

  27. 27

    during the building of the panma canal, all of the following difficulties were encountered except

  28. 28

    the battle ship maine was sunk by

  29. 29

    the populist party arose as the direct successor to

  30. 30

    the battle shi main was sunk by

  31. 31

    during the 1892 presidential election, large numbers of southern white farmers refused to desert the democratic party and support the populist party because

  32. 32

    Americans offered growing support for a free public education system

  33. 33

    the pendleton act required appointees to public office to

  34. 34

    in 1899, guerilla warfare broke out in the philippines because

  35. 35

    regarding the presidency, Teddy roosevelt believed that

  36. 36

    all of the following becamse possessions of the united states under the provisions of Treaty of Paris with spain except

  37. 37

    the knights of labor believed that conflict between capital and labor would disappear when

  38. 38

    america's initial open door policy was essentially and argument to promote

  39. 39

    China's boxer rebellion was an attempt to

  40. 40

    president mckinley justified american acquisition of the Philippines primarily by emphasizing that

  41. 41

    the american war against the Philippine insurrectionists promotine Philippine independence

  42. 42

    hawaii's queen liliuokalani was removed from power because

  43. 43

    by 1900, organized labor in america

  44. 44

    one result of republican "hard moneu" policies was

  45. 45

    john D rockefeller used all of the following tactics to achieve his domination of the oil industry except

  46. 46

    the darwinian thoery of organic evolution through natural selection affected american religion by

  47. 47

    in the decades after the civil war most american farmers

  48. 48

    president mckinley's policy of "benevolent assimilations" in the philippines

  49. 49

    the major factor in drawing country people off the farms an dinto big cities was

  50. 50

    labor unions favored immigration restrictions because most immigrants ere all of the following except

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