Aristotle's Methods of Convincing

by: M00sie

There are three argumentative appeals when writing persuasively. Reason (logos), Ethics (ethos) and Emotion (pathos). This quiz test one's knowledge about each of the appeals.

  1. 1

    Facts, quotations, definitions, statistic, & anecdotes falls under which appeal?

  2. 2

    To convince your readers that you are fair, honest & well informed is an example of....

  3. 3

    A logical way of getting people to agree by using...

  4. 4

    To present the opposition and then prove it wrong would use...

  5. 5

    Using emotional appeal is....

  6. 6

    The readers will trust the writer's values and intentions if they had good....

  7. 7

    Using description or narrating an example would fall under....

  8. 8

    The appeal that shows the author's point of view

  9. 9

    Avoiding over use of negatively charged loaded words would strengthen the author's

  10. 10

    The appeal when word choice is crucial

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