Who would you fall for? Werewolf, demon, vampire, angel 13

by: EllieRandom

That's right, this quiz is on time! Once a week guys! I'm being good to you all!
So yeah, last week you went to the mall with Jonah, and the mall is insanely huge. Jonah says he'll buy whatever you want, and you have the time of your life shopping like crazy, until you lose Jonah. Then Daniel returns, and one ice cream cone later, you have agreed to hang out with him for a while. And here we gooo!

  1. 1

    After answering Daniel's question, you fall silent as you finish you ice cream. Daniel doesn't say anything either, he waits patiently for you. When, at last, you finish your treat, he grabs your hand

  2. 2

    "I wanna see that one!" You point to the movie that caught your eye. Daniel starts to say something, but stops, his ears twitching. "Get down!" he hisses, tackling you to the floor behind a trash can.

  3. 3

    "What is it, what's up?" you whisper, trying to see from behind the trash can. Daniel puts a finger to his lips and silently climbs off of you. You scramble to your knees and peek out at the mall.

  4. 4

    Daniel points out a few guys wandering around in suits. "Them. You see? They're 'Whiteouts', some of Kindle's best assassins. I'm one of them, actually." You stare at the neko who shrugs. "They must b

  5. 5

    Daniel grabs your hand again and helps you up. "Okay, we'll pretend to be boyfriend and girlfriend, sound good?" You blink, too surprised to respond. The neko nods. "Right then, let's go!" He leads yo

  6. 6

    The plan seems to be working, the Whiteouts haven't noticed you. Daniel clears his throat and says casually "So, uh, honey, how're you enjoying our date?" Taken by surprise, you trip and knock over a

  7. 7

    "There she is!" "Is that Daniel with her?" "Get her!" You panic and try to scramble to your feet. Daniel grabs you around the waist and hauls you away with surprising speed. "I'm sorry!" you say as yo

  8. 8

    After a few minutes of running, Daniel pulls something out of his pocket and throws it to you. "Here, maybe you can stop them!" he says. You glance at the item. It's a necklace, with a stone of...

  9. 9

    "What do I do now?" you ask, the stone bouncing against you chest as you run. "I don't know! You're the magic one!" Daniel exclaims. You whimper and the neko grabs your arm and yanks you off to a stai

  10. 10

    There's a flapping of wings and you jump to your feet, Daniel tensing beside you. But, landing on the roof was Jonah. "JONAH!" you exclaim, starting to run to him. But Daniel grabs you by the shoulder

  11. 11

    The neko smiles. "Hmm. See you around, hun." He quickly pecks your cheek and leaps backward off the building. You run over in shock, but you don't see him. It's like he disappeared. A wall of feathers

  12. 12

    Jonah doesn't say anything. He grabs your chin and stares straight into your eyes. You feel your own eyes widen. Is he gonna kiss me? you think frantically. Jonah leans in close to you and...

  13. 13

    Hah, cliffhanger. :3 SO YEAH It's on time. Doesn't that feel nice? You know you love me. So ratings and comments for Ellie!

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