MOSBY OB-Pedia NCLEX Questions

by: mergedavao
  1. 1

    The nurse decides on a teaching plan for a new mother and her infant. The plan should include

  2. 2

    A 42 y/o client has an amniocentesis during the 16th wk of gestation because of concern about Down Syndrome. Examination of the amniotic fluid will also provide info. on:

  3. 3

    After a delivery of twins, a client may be predisposed to experiencing a post-partum hemorrhage. Which is the most likely cause of hemorrhage in client?

  4. 4

    Abruptio placentae is most likely to occur in a woman with

  5. 5

    Nursing intervention specific for laboring clients with cardiac problems is

  6. 6

    When writing a teaching plan about osteoporosis, the nurse should recall that osteoporosis is best described as

  7. 7

    During the salinization method of elective abortion, the nurse should be alert for side effects of hypernatremia, such as

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