Tuesday Travel Trivia (Week 79)

by: aaronhotfelder

Welcome back to Tuesday Travel Trivia, Gadling's weekly travel quiz that will soon be made in to a feature film starring the cheapest available Baldwin brother. (We're looking at you, Daniel!)

This week's Travel Trivia has ten more questions to challenge and enlighten you. Good luck!

  1. 1

    The TV series "Lost" was filmed primarily on which Hawaiian island?

  2. 2

    Which country's flag is NOT the colors red, white, and blue?

  3. 3

    Which French sweet, usually taken with tea, inspired a famous passage from Marcel Proust's novel Remembrance of Things Past?

  4. 4

    Which animals are Ecuador's Galapagos Islands NOT usually noted for?

  5. 5

    In which city is the world famous (and famously expensive) Bahnhofstrasse shopping avenue?

  6. 6

    Where was the original Rick's Cafe Americain located?

  7. 7

    The yearly Arirang Festival is meant to honor which former world leader?

  8. 8

    What year did the French discover the ancient Egyptian artifact known as the Rosetta Stone?

  9. 9

    What is the main route of the Trans-Siberian Railway?

  10. 10

    What is the official language of Suriname?

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