What Would You Smell Like To Jacob Black and Edward Cullen?

What Would You Smell Like To Jacob Black and Edward Cullen?

by: SweetKitten95

Me: Hi! take this quiz to find out what u would smell like :) Jacob: Do i have to be here? Me: YES! >:) Edward: lets get this over with. Jacob:WHY IS THE BLOOD SUCKER HERE??!! Me: i invited him. Edward: still mad cuz i stole Bella from u? >:) Jacob: SHUT UP LEECH!! (mumbles: i get to steal ur daughter anyway...) Edward: WHAT WAS THAT?! Me: SHUT UP BOTH OF U! please enjoy and comment. :)

  1. 1

    Me: okay, whats you favorite color? Edward; thats dumb. Jacob:YOUR DUMB! Edward; your only defending her cuz she gave u a stake. Jacob: i like stakes :3 Edward: cuz ur a mutt. Jacob: growls

  2. 2

    Me: okay, ur turn Jake. Jacob: Do you were perfume? Edward: What kind of question is that? Jacob: a very good one...

  3. 3

    Edward: my turn i guess. Me: go ahead then :) Jacob: dont bore us. Edward: shut up mutt! anyways, wat do u like about Vampires?

  4. 4

    Me: okay, Whats ur favorite thing about Werewolfs? Jacob: i was gonna ask that! me: too bad. Edward: ha ha

  5. 5

    Me: okay, last one....sorry it so short. Jacob: MY TURN!! Edward: GO THEN!!! throws chair jacob: OW OKAY!! CHOOSE ONE!! tackles Edward Me: goddamn it.

  6. 6

    finally got them to stop fighting me: will u comment? jacob whimpers me: fine, here. hands stake Jacob: Yay :3

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