Welcome to Wonderland (WWYFF) VII

by: nyan_sama

Hey, I know it's been FOREVER but I want to get back into writing so I've decided to finish up this WWYFF before anything else, let me know what you think FULL RECAP: You're about to graduate but while walking in the woods, fell down a rabbit hole where you met some guys who all seem to know you. You now have to figure out who/what you are in order to get home. Right now you were in Derrick's side house about to go see a lady UGH btw I've been trying to upload this for over a week ;-;

  1. 1

    You guys were all sitting around the table eating breakfast, you noticed the guy you were with last night looking at you. What did you do when you noticed?

  2. 2

    "So when are we leaving" you asked sipping your juice "Well we're still very far away, so we're going to travel by other means now to save time" Abraham said "What does that mean?" Derrick asked

  3. 3

    Abraham looked at him "We all have means of alternative travel. We're going to utilize those, _ since you're not you yet, you have to travel with someone else" Who did you want to go with?

  4. 4

    "We should leave right after breakfast so that we can get there with enough time to spare" Wilfred said eating a little faster. "Chill out, we'll get there with enough time" Charles snapped

  5. 5

    `FF` you were all standing outside of the house about to leave "So who are you going with _?" they asked when you stepped out with your bag. You told them your decision and left with who?

  6. 6

    Soon everyone arrived "Okay so we have to change before we head in, Queen's orders" Matteo said "Queen?" you asked, the guys looked a little sad "you still don't remember, here put one of these one"

  7. 7

    After changing you came and saw that the guys changed also but they didn't wear wigs, "Why do I have to wear a wig?" You asked "Well we don't want her to know you're here yet" Charles said floating up

  8. 8

    "So we have to visit with the queen before we can go see Ida. The palace is on our way so we can just stop there first." Wilfred said walking away, you guys followed him and up ahead you saw a giant

  9. 9

    You guys walked in and you saw a girl not much older than you sitting on a throne, she looked nice enough smiling as you walked up "Well hello boys, I see you've made a new friend. What's her name?"

  10. 10

    You opened your mouth but Wilfred interrupted you "This is Monica, she's just visiting" she looked you up and down and smiled, you couldn't tell if it was good or bad. "I take it you're on your way to

  11. 11

    Matteo cleared his throat "Thank you for the offer dear Heather, but I'll have to decline. We have something to do." He said politely. She looked at you and narrowed her eyes "Well you must stay for

  12. 12

    "If you insist" Charles said quickly before anyone else could say anything. 'FF' you guys were all sitting around a large table with lots of interesting food on it, you noticed that none of the guys

  13. 13

    After a little while of nobody eating, Heather cleared her throat and some girls came to clear the plates and you excused yourself to the bathroom

  14. 14

    You got to the bathroom and looked in the mirror, your pink hair really made you look different who am I you found yourself thinking. You shook the thought away and splashed your face with water.

  15. 15

    Your stomach growled and you realized how hungry you really were technically it wasn't offered to me you thought picking up a candy and unwrapping it. You took a deep breath and ate it.

  16. 16

    It tasted delicious, you looked in the mirror to make sure you were okay. You were fine so you smiled at yourself and put some of the candies in your pocket for later. You put your hand on the knob to

  17. 17

    "Mom? Dad?" You found yourself calling out panicky. You were running looking around for something, someone. There was fire everywhere and you felt wetness on your cheeks. You ran up a flight of steps

  18. 18

    You ran up the rest of the steps into a room, there were two thrones and the room was charred. You saw two bodies lying not too far away from the thrones "Mommy, daddy!" you screamed as you ran over

  19. 19

    "She's waking up" You heard a familiar voice say. "_, are you feeling okay, you're crying" Charles asked looking concerned. You sat up and looked around, you remembered what happened what happened to

  20. 20

    "I remember.." you said looking at them all. "How much do you remember?" Abraham asked "I remember the night my parents died and that you guys worked for them" You replied "great so you're almost

  21. 21

    Okay ending it here for now, hopefully this time it actually posts. I'll be posting the next one within a week! see ya

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