Welcome to Wonderland VIII

Welcome to Wonderland VIII

by: nyan_sama

Hey guys, this whole ordeal I have with Quibblo is so annoying I've been trying to post this for two days now. Anyway I found my notes on this WWYFF so I'll be getting back on track and it'll probably end soon since I remember where I was going exactly I don't want to drag it out and ruin it. I'll put out a survey soon on which WWYFF I should make next RECAP- you were in Heather's castle and you ate a piece of candy, hit your head and passed out and saw a little vision of your parents. Ready?

  1. 1

    "So _ what exactly happened in the bathroom" Wilfred questioned looking around "Well I ate a piece of candy I found then I hit my head and passed out" Heather chuckled "those candies make you

  2. 2

    You noticed Heather eyeing you "_ would you like a tour?" She asked "Um sure""But you must hurry, we have to leave soon if we're going to make it before sundown" Wilfred said checking his watch

  3. 3

    You guys walked for a little and you saw Heather looking at you every few minutes or so, you cleared your throat "So where are we going" "Somewhere to talk she said still staring at you

  4. 4

    Soon you guys came up on a set of double doors with a DO NOT ENTER sign on them. Heather carefully removed the sign and held out her hand "Key please" "I don't have the key" You said

  5. 5

    You unlocked the door and went inside, immediately you recognized it as the place from your dream. "_, as you know your parents were the king and queen which would make you the rightful queen"

  6. 6

    "I'd be more than happy to give you the throne but there's something you must know first. The Dragon Festival is coming up and I've heard there are big plans since you're back. I don't know how she

  7. 7

    "What's this?" you asked "It's whatever you need it to be, we should go you guys need to leave" She said walking out, you followed behind her and soon you arrived where the guys were waiting

  8. 8

    `FF` Charles and Matteo were talking and laughing, Wilfred was walking quickly in front of every one else and Abraham was smoking trying to ignore Derrick's chatting, you...

  9. 9

    You guys had been walking for a little while and decided to take a break, "Are you sure we shouldn't just keep going" Wilfred said "We'll be fine it's not horribly longer and the Princess looks

  10. 10

    As you all sat around resting you began thinking about your current situation. It wasn't really making any sense the more you thought about it. These guys were all mythical creatures and your parents,

  11. 11

    You began thinking aloud without even realizing it "I mean I don't even know them and they all seem to know me, this is either a really crazy dream or they're trying to kidnap me and I'm just

  12. 12

    Wilfred looked panicked "I thought so she seemed like _ when I was looking for her" "wait she's not _" Derrick chimed in. "Fine stupid girl, if she has doubts she's hardly the __ we need" he said

  13. 13

    You laughed "Okay guys well as fun as this is I think I'll get back to reality now, I do have to graduate tomorrow" You said trailing off once you thought about graduation. Did you really want to go

  14. 14

    You got a little nervous after realizing you were alone, you didn't want to wake up yet and deal with reality so you ran after the guys "Wait I'll be whatever me you want me to be" Not looking where

  15. 15

    You remembered all the fuss that was made about the sunset What's so bad about sundown, nothing even happened you thought to yourself as you looked around the forest. You heard a deep growl and saw

  16. 16

    AND cliffhanger :) I'll finish the next one hopefully tomorrow so I'll see you guys then but until then please comment and whatnot I enjoy talking with you guys :)

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