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Home inspection Practice exam

  1. 1

    What is the purpose of a drip leg on a gas line:

  2. 2

    Siding with insulation board underneath, covers the service entry wire on a house. You report:

  3. 3

    The three purposes of a window are:

  4. 4

    Mid-efficiency furnace:

  5. 5

    The proper pressure of a hydronic heating system:

  6. 6

    The remark 'low slope roof appears to be in good condition for its age' is a

  7. 7

    Ground rods must be driven in the ground at least

  8. 8

    What is the biggest hazard for a firebox:

  9. 9

    You are inspecting a home built in 1950 and see a silver wire to a branch circuit. This would be:

  10. 10

    In a steam system, the normal operating pressure is

  11. 11

    Generally acceptable moisture readings of interior wall substrate should not exceed:

  12. 12

    Which of the following is not an acceptable grounding means:

  13. 13

    The function of weep holes in a brick home is to

  14. 14

    A 2x6 16" on center can span

  15. 15

    Wood shakes should be installed roughly

  16. 16

    How much space is required between a double walled "B" vent and chase:

  17. 17

    A NEW electric dryer receptacle:

  18. 18

    When converting from natural gas to LP

  19. 19

    'Foundation improperly designed for these soil conditions' is

  20. 20

    What is a characteristic of knob and tube wiring:

  21. 21

    A furnace can be located in a laundry room?

  22. 22

    The minimum modern size water service pipe to a residence is

  23. 23

    In a 2 x 8 floor joist where would a 2" notch be least harmful:

  24. 24

    Where is the draft hood for a wall-mounted furnace located:

  25. 25

    What terms go together

  26. 26

    On a tile roof what is the proper way to flash around the chimney:

  27. 27

    Safety glazing is not required in:

  28. 28

    During the heating season, the outside unit (heat pump) will go into a defrost cycle every 90 minutes. the defrost cycle then last for roughly

  29. 29

    An induced draft fan pulls air in what direction:

  30. 30

    If a furnace has a pilot with a thermocouple. What device will most likely prevent the furnace from firing if ti fails

  31. 31


  32. 32

    At what water pressure do you start to get concerned

  33. 33

    A 12 ft long 2x8 floor joist has a notch. Where would the notch NOT be ok

  34. 34

    A swamp cooler is used in:

  35. 35

    If the exterior service piping has been converted to plastic, what is required for electrical grounding:

  36. 36

    An electrical panel with a split busbar

  37. 37

    Where is the circulating pump for a hydronic heating system normally located:

  38. 38

    Mudjacking is

  39. 39

    Type L flue is rated for

  40. 40

    A properly constructed retaining wall should

  41. 41

    Moisture trapped under a BUR will cause

  42. 42

    You see a return air register in the side of a furnace:

  43. 43

    What is the proper exposure for a 24" shake:

  44. 44

    Each zone valve for a hydronic heating unit needs:

  45. 45

    A greenish color on copper plumbing joints indicates

  46. 46

    Sump pump runs even though it has been dry (no rain) for a long time. What is the cause:

  47. 47

    What is not a cause of horizontal cracking in a foundation wall

  48. 48

    What is the purpose of the accumulator in a heat pump

  49. 49

    A chimney should generally be installed

  50. 50

    What is ice damming

  51. 51

    What would you not list as a safety hazard upon examining a chimney

  52. 52

    A wood retaining wall is anchored to the hillside through the use of a/an

  53. 53

    Vapor Barrier should be

  54. 54

    A water heater pressure relief valve is determined by:

  55. 55

    Reverse polarity is

  56. 56

    In an electrical sub panel, the neutral wire must be:

  57. 57

    What is not a source or sign of a wet basement

  58. 58

    What is the proper exposure for an 18" wood shake:

  59. 59

    What is a summer switch, typically found on older furnaces:

  60. 60

    A horizontal crack in a brick wall follows the gutter line. What is the cause

  61. 61

    The plumbing service/supply pipe should be at least

  62. 62

    Monolithic slab-on-grade slabs will not have

  63. 63

    The exhaust vent of a gas dryer

  64. 64

    Romex is another name for what type of cable

  65. 65

    The insulation vapor barrier should face toward the heated side (living space) of the insulation because

  66. 66

    Garage door requirements for garages built before 1978:

  67. 67

    What was added to furnace in 1980 to increase their efficiency

  68. 68

    Which part of the A/C cycle removes heat from the refrigerant:

  69. 69

    In a heat pump cooling cycle, the condensing coil is located

  70. 70

    What is the proper spacing between foundation anchor bolts:

  71. 71

    The most common installation problem with concrete walls

  72. 72

    The function of a barometric damper is to

  73. 73

    Which of the following can be corrected

  74. 74

    Stucco hairline cracks appear every 16". The cause can be attributed to:

  75. 75

    In a cathedral/ vaulted ceiling what is the first sign of inadequate ventilation:

  76. 76

    A metering device is used to

  77. 77

    Which of the following would be the least hazardous for a staircase

  78. 78

    The neutral wire

  79. 79

    What insulation is/was considered a safety hazard

  80. 80

    Where should collar ties be attached to the rafter

  81. 81

    The maximum number of disconnects to shut off an electrical service is:

  82. 82

    Ice forming on the A/C evaporator coil is caused by

  83. 83

    Hot water smells like rotten eggs. What would be the one way to remove odor:

  84. 84

    Earthquake - which of the following is not a structural concern

  85. 85

    Clay tile roof should have how many overlap, minimum

  86. 86

    What causes mold/moss to grow on the exterior of home

  87. 87

    What is the proper way to insulate a cathedral/vaulted ceiling

  88. 88

    In EIFS construction doors and windows can be properly sealed by

  89. 89

    Properly balanced ductwork (supply/return) requires

  90. 90

    Deck built 14" off ground around a home

  91. 91

    What size copper wire is required for 40, 30, 20, and 15 amp breakers

  92. 92

    Interior water lines manufactured from polybutylene are

  93. 93

    All of the following types of pipe may be used in homes for gas except

  94. 94

    Substantial movement of a building can be explained by all of the following except

  95. 95

    A gas water heater is not allowed in

  96. 96

    Moisture accumulates in poorly vented attic because:

  97. 97

    Another name for a four-way valve is

  98. 98

    What does EIFS stand for

  99. 99

    An inspector enters a vacant home to inspect it and notices a strong smell of gas. What should he/she do

  100. 100

    A three-prong receptacle requires

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