The Amazing Boys Quiz! (Girls Only)

The Amazing Boys Quiz! (Girls Only)

by: memesquad

The bois quiz is rated the number one best in the natoinal gegraphic magazeen for being so good and tellin evryone the real truth about their harts its so cool pleas make sure u llike, comment, subscribe, retweet, reglog, friend me (Sakura Masami) on facebok, and tak my epic quiz 2 lern how many expertise on bois u know iin ur mind???

  1. 1

    do u liek bois????

  2. 2

    hav u dated any boi be4?

  3. 3

    hav u kisd an boi at all in ur whol lifetim??

  4. 4

    if an boyd man apochd u on ur day in the schol or at werk uf u growd up id coleg lik me whad do u do or say tom he???

  5. 5

    whih on of thes boins ist the most best on on an whoms wud u marey of them?

  6. 6

    du u have a croosh n have u mad a mov yeet?

  7. 7

    Hau pritty aree youm???

  8. 8

    how duo dres in cloth to impers avery mane aned boib??

  9. 9

    ara uo popelar on socal mediuh???

  10. 10

    finaley, wha is thim sercet keyb to al of andi bois hart?

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