beyond a doubt (yet another wwffy quiz) supernatural

by: snerd

alright since aparrently i suck at any other who would fall for you quiz other than the supernatural kind ima stick with it and wait for it drum roll actully finish it gaspsima just hope you guys like this one and if you dont ill save yall the pain and stop making the sieries. please message me and give me ideas and if you want to be in the quiz ill let u be an evil mastermind MWAHAHAHA and if its rlly bad just tell me ok and if its rlly good i wouldnt mind to know that eather :D

  1. 1

    ur 16 and have long brown hair that goes to your waist, hazle eyes and an hour glass figure. your name is __. You and Your friends (Jennie & amber) r on a hiking tripp up in the white MT'S

  2. 2

    As u guys climb the MT'S u talk & laugh but mostly gossip about the verry reson u came for a girls day out...Your Bf...soon to be Ex. How could he make out w/ Ambers mom? Who cares how drunk he was!

  3. 3

    "well u got 2 addmitt, my mom is pretty hot"laughed Amber. u just roll ur eyes and laugh w/her "ur such a hore" u joke and botty bumb her.little did u know that booty bumb would......

  4. 4

    would send her rolling down a hill into the woods far off from the trail!"Amer!" u and jenny scream simutainiously as the 2 of u run after her. "Crap Where is she" u began 2 panick

  5. 5

    all of a sudden Jenny began laughing "i hear her." u started laughing 2 as u heard Amber screaming curses at u. u 2 run 2 her only to find Amber w/a broken ankel.

  6. 6

    "ya ya apology what? ur so not making me walk!" "I dont know"u reply getting out ur cell "No service" "great just great" said Amber "good job __ now were stuck here!"

  7. 7

    u guys start 2 get into an agruement untill Jenny cut in"u guys shhh i think i see someone over there....HEY!HEY CAN U HELP US?! the two figures sprinted down to the three of u "what happend?"

  8. 8

    asked guy #1 "she" cried Amber pointing at u "broke my ankel!" "i said i was sorry sheesh" the 2nd man approched the scene...he had a messed up face. "is there anyone else around....getting help?"

  9. 9

    "nopp" replied Amber "its just me and the dweebs" "HEY!"u and Jenny say the 2 men smile evily"good then theres no one around 2 here u scream!"suddenly u felt a blunt object hit ur head & u blacked out

  10. 10

    1 YEAR LATER!: The 2 men were brothers who claimed to hunt the supernatural, but u just think there crazy. The day they kiddnapped u they were tracking down a vampire named Vince & disided 2 make u

  11. 11

    make u bait but they had 2 make sure u were perfect so the last year they chained u to there basment wall testing ur blood making sure it was perfect, the right scent and flaver.

  12. 12

    doing expieraments 2 make u hurt enough so that u would be 2 week 2 escape, and not feeding u for days 2 keep the blood pure...according to them Vince the vampire wouldnt b able 2 resist

  13. 13

    Who knew what they were doing to ur friends.Finally they found out where Vince was. so they took u to some wood and draaged u deep into the forest leaning u up against some tree

  14. 14

    "If u say on word that were behind that bolder ur friends dies" said the man w/the messed up face whiel #2 guy brings Jenny out w/a bag covering her face."got it?"u weekly nodded"good"

  15. 15

    he said as he pulled out a bottle of ur blood and threw it all over u"now stay!"he said as he climbed behind the bolder.Hours passed before u saw the silluett of a man in the distance walking twords u

  16. 16

    all of a sudden he was right next 2 u taking in ur scent. "run"u whisper in his ear he looked at u w/a suprise expression on his face. "the bolder" u managed 2 get out

  17. 17

    If they were rlly gonna kill ur friend for telling this inicent man were they were and in doing so save him and she was going through what u were then death didnt sound so bad

  18. 18

    u began 2 fade in and out all u could here was the screems of the 2 men & suddenly the man was back now holding u bridle stile"hold on,dont die on me." he smelled so were u hungry

  19. 19

    "u smell like like a mix of sausege, hotdogs & cottencandy" u say whiel u close ur eyes the last thing u heard before passing out was the man gasping and saying "those sick basterds!"

  20. 20

    wow! 20 questions WHOOOO!!! well i hope it was good plez tell me if it rlly love yalls ideas if am i hungry lol oh ya and if it sucked i needs 2 know that!

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