Coldplay Quiz

Coldplay Quiz

by: FlowerOfLife

Do you know Coldplay well? Let's see!

  1. 1

    Coldplay's first album was A Rush of Blood to the Head.

  2. 2

    Before they were called Coldplay, their name was...

  3. 3

    Which one of these songs doesn't use their song name in lyrics?

  4. 4

    Their 5th album was called Mylo Xyloto (EPs excluded).

  5. 5

    Will Champion can play the guitar.

  6. 6

    Their first gig was on...

  7. 7

    Which song is this: "Trying hard to speak and, fighting with my weak hand, driven to distraction, it's all part of the plan"

  8. 8

    Guy Berryman is the bassist.

  9. 9

    Which Coldplay song features Beyonce?

  10. 10

    Who is the main singer?

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