Harry Potter Nerds

by: SkittlesofDeath666

how nerdy are you when it comes to harry potter? im a huuuugggeee harry potter nerd but im not a geek....geeks are creeps

  1. 1

    have you seen all 6 movies?

  2. 2

    have you read all 7 books?

  3. 3

    have you ever dressed up as a character from harry potter?

  4. 4

    have you ever been first in line to see a harry potter movie or buy one of the books?

  5. 5

    have you ever pretended to use a wand?

  6. 6

    when somebody is picking on you in school what is your reaction?

  7. 7

    have you ever muttered a spell to hurt somebody who was being a jerk?

  8. 8

    have you ever had a harry potter related dream?

  9. 9

    how many harry potter references do you make per day?

  10. 10

    have you ever had a crush on somebody in the books/movies?

  11. 11

    do you correct people when they make a harry potter reference and its wrong

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