Finish That Song!

by: Tatti_Babii

Thing u know music? Take this quiz and see how much u know of ur favorite songs!

  1. 1

    I Can Do It Big,I Can Do It Long....

  2. 2

    can i get that trone can i get that remmy can i get that coke can i get that henny....

  3. 3

    baby do what u do lemme see u let down ur hair..hit the dance flo then act like theres nobody else in here!

  4. 4

    i wonder sometimes i wonder if i...was wrong, tryinn do right by u got me here. now all i am is alone.

  5. 5

    come to me..stay the night u say the words but boy it dont feel right what do u expect me to say?

  6. 6

    sometimes i get my head in a dilly,feeling so lost..ticking u off. now boy u know me well...

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