What type of Anime Girl Are you? girls only obviously

by: TeamJethAllTheWay

I made this a long time ago when I was SUPER BORED. Then I got my account so I might as well post it. :)

  1. 1

    What are you favorite colors? (I know, I know, I hate this question too!)

  2. 2

    OK, time for some RP! You walk by and see you crush. He says hi. You:

  3. 3

    You see a stray kitten. It looks injured. You:

  4. 4

    You get one of the most important tests of the year back and you realize you had failed. You:

  5. 5

    Okay, last RP, I promise. Your favorite Anime has been canceled. How do you feel?

  6. 6

    It's almost over, I swear!

  7. 7

    How many friend do you have?

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