Team L or Team Light?

by: SkittlesofDeath666

im sick of everybody with their team edward or team jacob crap....why cant other movies/ books have teams??? and if you dont no the people just pick a random one

  1. 1

    Death Note: Team L or Team Light?

  2. 2

    Harry Potter: Team Harry or Team Draco?

  3. 3

    Harry Potter: Team Ron or Team Hermione?

  4. 4

    Harry Potter: Team Fred or Team George?

  5. 5

    Ultra Maniac: Team Ayu or Team Nina?

  6. 6

    Sweeney Todd: Team Todd or Team Anthony

  7. 7

    Avatar the Last Airbender: Team Aang or Team Zuko?

  8. 8

    Random: Team Cat or Team Dog?

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