What would the Harry Potter Characters think of you- Age of the Marauders

by: ChaoticEvilElfSorceress

Tell me if it's craaaaap.
Spoilers may be there,but might not be, but warning you anyway
Marauders are james,sirius,peter,lupin. Also Lily,snape,rodolphus and avery. (last two involve guesswork.)

  1. 1

    Guess what, there's a werewolf chasing after you and your friend yawn

  2. 2

    Favourite Age Of The Marauders HP character?

  3. 3

    Your'e late for class-

  4. 4

    favourite house

  5. 5

    Pick- (ok, none of them are marauders, but still...)

  6. 6

    Pick- Lipstick colour

  7. 7

    Favourite colour (not what you expect)

  8. 8

    Oh no...you've pushed over Narcissa Black and her sister Bellatrix is approaching...

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