does you ex still love you

does you ex still love you

by: laymay

does your ex still love you this quiz is very accurate so take it and find out if he still like you or if he doesnt =)

  1. 1

    does he stare at you in class

  2. 2

    ever since the break up does he still talk to you

  3. 3

    does he make fun of you behind your back

  4. 4

    do u think your ex still likes you =)

  5. 5

    do u guys talk on facebook myspace or msn

  6. 6

    has your ex gone out with anybody else since you have broken up

  7. 7

    now have you noticed is he nervous around you

  8. 8

    has you ex tried to impress you or show off infornt of you since the break up

  9. 9

    does he say hi to you at school

  10. 10

    do you still get texts and email from him

  11. 11

    okay last one when you dumped him was he sad

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