What type of person are you

What type of person are you

by: SchismPrairie

Your a ,Cry baby,Instigator,Crap talker,Nice,Fighter,or Creative
Different personalities mean different people one may be you if not who cares I know your lieing though=]

If you think you got the wrong one try again and if you get the same on hahaha that personality is you.

  1. 1

    You like to see others fight for something that youve started ither on accident or on perpose

  2. 2

    You make your own clothing and others try to copy it but you have something even crazier they have never seen before.

  3. 3

    Someone gose up to you and tells you that your really pretty,but then changes there mind and tells your a fugly witch.

  4. 4

    Someone comes up to you and punches you in the face,do you fight back?

  5. 5

    Your having a bad day and some random person comes up to you and askes whats wrong?

  6. 6

    Theres a party and their are drinks there(Not Juice)but theres only one left?

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