SEO Tip Jar Final Exam

SEO Tip Jar Final Exam

by: EONpr Private

Welcome to the SEO Tip Jar final exam. If you paid attention in SEO 101, 102, 103 and 104 this should be a breeze. Have fun and please let us know how you did by commenting at

  1. 1

    Advertising on Google AdWords affects your organic search rankings

  2. 2

    What makes up the title tag of your press releases?

  3. 3

    You should optimize press releases with typos or common mispellings.

  4. 4

    What is a deep link?

  5. 5

    You should never optimize your company boilerplate.

  6. 6

    What does SERP stand for?

  7. 7

    Should you include your company name in your release headline?

  8. 8

    Should you focus on broad keywords or targeted keywords

  9. 9

    Hosting releases as PDF files is not recommended because

  10. 10

    What should you try to do when hosting your own releases?

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