The Babysitting Test!

by: _TeamJacob_

Can you handle Babysitting? Try to Do the best thing possible for the four little Rugrats!
Jamie- 7 Year Old Computer Freak!
Alice- 6 Year Old Girly Girl
Tia and Thomas- 3 year old Troublesome Twins!

Let's see if it's worth Paying you!

  1. 1

    Okay, You Arrive and Tia and Alice are sitting at the Kitchen Table doing Colouring. But Thomas and Jamie want to go to the Park. What do you do?

  2. 2

    You Take them to the park and Tia Falls off the SeeSaw, and Scraps her Knee. She starts to Cry and won't stop. What do you Do?

  3. 3

    It's Lunchtime, What do you get them to eat?

  4. 4

    It's 2:30 PM And Time for Tia and Thomas To have a Nap... But Thomas Would rather Watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles... What do you do?

  5. 5

    Alice wants to make a Chocolate Cake... All By Herself! What do you do?

  6. 6

    It's 5 o'Clock and time for Jamie to get off the Playstation for Dinner... But he starts a Tantrum and refuses to get off it. What do you do?

  7. 7

    It's 8:30 and Time for them to Go to Bed But Alice says that she can't sleep without her Blue rabbit, Tinky. What do you do?

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