Turners Quiz

by: Willi

Do all questions.

Only one answer is correct in each question.

Good luck!

  1. 1

    Sequencing in relation to questionnaire design means

  2. 2

    A leading question in questionnaire design means

  3. 3

    An open question in questionnaire design means

  4. 4

    Filtering in questionnaire design means

  5. 5

    A Likert scale used with questionnaires means

  6. 6

    A derived variable associated with questionnaires means

  7. 7

    Nominal data in relation to questionnaires means

  8. 8

    Discrete data in relation to questionnaire use means

  9. 9

    Which is the largest user of surveys

  10. 10

    Pie charts are particularly useful

  11. 11

    Histograms are particularly useful

  12. 12

    A distribution is said to have a negative skew when

  13. 13

    The measure used for describing the part of the distribution where the central 50% lies is called

  14. 14

    points beyond the lines found in box plots are

  15. 15

    A random sample means

  16. 16

    The term 'sample error' when linked to surveys normally means

  17. 17

    Personal or sensitive questions in a survey are normally

  18. 18

    'Standard error' means

  19. 19

    A standard error is

  20. 20

    A confidence interval is

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