Supernatural: What the? Part 5

Supernatural: What the? Part 5

by: SPNfangirl94

THEN: You had a talk with your mans brother/Dean about your relationship with Dean/Sam/Cas. You go to your motel room and take a show, then fall asleep.You dream of your man and how he makes you feel. When you wake up you're no longer in your room...

  1. 1

    You wake up in what looks like a warehouse. You look around in shock. How did I get here? you think to yourself. You notice that you're tied to a chair. You find yourself wishing......

  2. 2

    Suddenly, you're no longer alone. "Erin! Good to see you again!" "Meg." "Boy, you are smart!" "Where am I?" "You're safe. Well, safe-ish." "What do you want from me?!" "I already told you..."

  3. 3

    Meg gives you a dark look. "Lucifer will not be pleased to hear that." That shocks you, "Wait. He's here?!" "(sarcasticly) No, he's in Cuba. Of course he's here. He's just a little busy right now."

  4. 4

    "Wouldn't you like to you. You can ask him yourself. He'll be done any minute now." Your eyes widen in fear....

  5. 5

    (BACK WITH THE WINCHESTERS) "Where is she Sam?" "I don't know Dean, but there's sulfur over by the bathroom. I'm guessing demons." "But how'd they get in? She salted the entire room!" "I don't know."

  6. 6

    (BACK WITH YOU) Meg left you alone, but you hear something like the wings of a bird come from behind you. You turn your head and you see him. "Lucifer." He smiles at you. "Hello Erin."

  7. 7

    "And how in the world is this for my own good?" "So my brothers don't find you." "So I have to be tied to an uncomfortable chair?" He smiles again, "Would you rather be tied to a bed?"

  8. 8

    Lucifer moves towards you, and puts his hands around your face. You realize what he's about to do. Before he can, you see a bright light, so bright you close your eyes. When you open them you see...

  9. 9

    Dean: "Come on, we gotta get out of here. He won't be gone for long." "How do we get past the demons?" Dean looks angry, "Sadly the way we got here." Suddenly you're back in your room. "Thanks guys."

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