Supernatural: What the? Part 3

by: SPNfangirl94

THEN: You just found out that you're parents were possessed by angels when they had you, and that you are suppose to be Michael and Lucifer's wife. You left the boys to take a minute in your bathroom. Your man knocked on the door/appeared beside you to make sure you were ok.

  1. 1

    You open the door/turn around and give your man a hug. He hugs you back and tells you it'll be alright. You turn to face the others. You: "So, what do we do now?"

  2. 2

    As you reach the door you hear your Uncle Mark shout, "Erin! Don't you DARE go out tonight! You have a long list of chores to do!!" Your teenage instincts kick in and you're about to start a fight...

  3. 3

    You stare at your man in shock. Did he really just defend you? You feel your heart melt in a warm way. Mark: "Excuse me?!" Before your man can respond, your Aunt Julie says....

  4. 4

    You guys go to a diner and start to talk. You: "So, what are your rolls in the apocalypse?" They all look away. "Guys?"

  5. 5

    You look at him with shock. You can't believe it. You: "Wow, really?" They nod their heads. You: "Wow, I'm sorry."

  6. 6

    You all finish your meal and head back to your house. You enter your house and shout: "Aunt Julie! Uncle Mark! I'm home!" No response. "Aunt Julie?" Hello?!" Still no response. You look at the boys...

  7. 7

    Suddenly you smell something weird, but you ignore it. "Maybe, but then why didn't they-" you stop as you trip over something. When you look and see it's your Aunt Julie and Uncle Mark. You: "Noo!"

  8. 8

    You calm down enough to help them look for clues, after you call 911, against the boys wishes. Dean: "Throats are slashed!" Sam: "There's sulfur over here!" Cas: "Demons." You can't help but feel.....

  9. 9

    You nod, and say, "The police are here." You all go out to show them to the bodies. You sit outside while the police look around. An officer comes out to talk to you. "So what happened here?"

  10. 10

    Officer: "So you have no clue who would want your Aunt and Uncle dead?" "No, I mean everyone loved them." "Of course. This place is a crime scene now, so do you have a place to stay?"

  11. 11

    Officer: "And you're ok with this?" You: "Yes. But if you don't need me for anything else, I'd like to get out of town. I don't think I can stay here anymore." "Of course, I understand."

  12. 12

    You: "I'm going to go pack." Dean: "Alright." You head up to your room and start to pack. As you finish packing, you notice a picture of you and your aunt and you start crying. You cry until you.....

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