Supernatural: What the? Part 10

Supernatural: What the? Part 10

by: SPNfangirl94

THEN: You and your man were going pretty far when he says no, he's not going to take advantage of you, which shows you how much he cares about you. He lays in bed with you and watches you sleep until his brother/Dean comes and gets him to tell him about a hunt. You're in the house with Bobby for five days when the Winchesters and Cas come back. Dean tells you to pack your bags. You say goodbye to Bobby and your man puts you bag in the trunk and gives you a kiss. :)

  1. 1

    You and the guys are in the car. You're listening to your iPod, to the band Daughtry, and thinking about your life. Thinking about both sets of parents, about hunting, about your destiny, and about...

  2. 2

    And almost as if he knew you were think about him, he turns and looks at you. You smile at him, and he smiles back. His brother/a Winchester notices and laughs.

  3. 3

    Sam/Dean laughs. It's late, so you guys pull into a hotel. Cas left, and Dean goes to check in. You and Sam talk, and Dean comes back out. "Bad news." "What?" "They only had one room available."

  4. 4

    You laugh, "Alright, lets go get some sleep." You all head to the room and, once inside, you go to take a shower. You blow dry your hair and come out in a tank top and short pj shorts.

  5. 5

    At about 3:00 in the morning, Dean wakes you and Sam up. "Hey guys, get up, we're heading out." You raise a groggy head, "What? Why?" "We're meeting Anna." "Woah, Anna? Who's Anna?"

  6. 6

    "What do you mean, we can't see Anna?" Dean demands. "Because it's probably a trap. I will go and meet her." And with that said, Cas disappears. "Dammit!" Dean yells.

  7. 7

    (QUICK RECAP) Cas comes back and says Anna wants to kill Sam to stop Lucifer. You all go back in time to 1978, about nine months before Dean is born. You meet their parents and see how they're alike.

  8. 8

    Right after that happens, Uriel and Anna show up. You watch as Dean gets beat up and Sam gets stabbed. You stand in front of Mary and get stabbed yourself. "I'm really, really, sorry," Anna says.

  9. 9

    "Anna," says John. Anna turns around and freezes in shock. She says one word that freezes you as well, "Michael." Then, before your eyes, Michael kills Anna. He talks to Mary then knocks her out.

  10. 10

    "Here let me help you with that," he says and puts his hand on your stab wound. Suddenly, it's healed. "Th-thanks." He nods and turns his attention to Dean. Dean walks around to stand in front of you.

  11. 11

    (RECAP) Michael talks to Dean about just accepting his destiny because there's no way around it. He heals Sam and sends him back to 2010, then does the same to Dean.

  12. 12

    Michael comes over to you, grabs you hand, kisses it, and runs a hand along the side of your face. "I'll see you soon," he says, then sends you back to 2010, where you meet the boys back in the motel.

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