Are You On Santa's Naughty List or Nice List?

Are You On Santa's Naughty List or Nice List?

by: princessmimi

hello quibblo people! whats up? omg in 3 WEEKS, CHRISTMAS IS HERE!!!! i wished for the usual: joe jonas and an iphone lol. what have u wished for? well u might get it but it depends on if u r on santa's NAUGHTY OR NICE list. well take this quiz to see if u been good or bad all year! NO RUDE OR MEAN COMMENTS PLZ

  1. 1

    have u wished for something bad to happen to someone u knew?

  2. 2

    have u snuck into a movie theater or a concert?

  3. 3

    have u stolen something?

  4. 4

    have u hooked up with someone else's boyfriend/girlfriend?

  5. 5

    r u a devil worshipper?

  6. 6

    have u graffitied something?

  7. 7

    have u made someone cry ON PURPOSE?

  8. 8

    do u download dirty stuff from the internet?

  9. 9

    when kanye west dissed taylor swift, who's side were u on?

  10. 10

    did u get a tattoo or a piercing where it shouldn't be?

  11. 11

    have u cussed this year?

  12. 12

    if u saw an injured bunny on the sidewalk, what would u do?

  13. 13

    miley or selena?

  14. 14

    if u see someone hot, do u think dirty thoughts?

  15. 15

    have u broken ur parent's rules?

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