What Eeveelution are you?

What Eeveelution are you?

by: Fathompath

Wanna know what eeveelution you would be? Take the quiz and find out!

  1. 1

    Pick a color.

  2. 2

    One of your friends invites you to her HUGE house party bash, but the day before the bash, she breaks her leg and ends up cancelling the entire thing! What do you do?

  3. 3

    Choose an animal.

  4. 4

    You're confronted by a group of thugs who want to put you down and could possibly be plotting to jump you. What do you do?

  5. 5

    Your at a great banquet. What do you eat first?

  6. 6

    Congratulations! You just one a new iPawd. How do you feel?

  7. 7

    Pick a zodiac!

  8. 8

    Pick a location.

  9. 9

    Pick an attack!

  10. 10

    Did you like this quiz?

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