finish the lyrics??

by: rihanna_girl123

the title says it all

  1. 1

    hey boy i really wanna see if you can (Rihanna)

  2. 2

    im not afraid (im not afraid) to take the stage (take the stage) everybody (everybody) come (eminem)

  3. 3

    i gotta hurry hurry hurry now quick quick quick now (cant rememer her name)

  4. 4

    ust a small town girl livin in a lonley world she took the midnight train goin any where (journey and glee)

  5. 5

    i guess this means your sorry (kelly Clarkson)

  6. 6

    its a little bit funny this feelin inside im not one of those who can easily hide i dont have much money but boy if i did (elton john and ellie goulding)

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