Forces Quiz - Newton's SECOND Law (Easier)

by: youmils05

This will test your basic knowledge of forces concepts in Physics, such as Newton's Laws, equations, distance, newtons, etc. This quiz is primarily regarding Newton's Second Law of Motion, though there are other quizzes for the other laws. This is the easiest of three forms of this Forces quiz. It has 15 questions. Getting 15 right is an A+, 14 right is an A-, 13 right is a B+, 12 right is a B-, 11 right is a C-, 10 right is a D+, 9 right is an D-, and anything under 9 right is a failing grade

  1. 1

    A person pushes an object with 30 N of force. Friction acts in the opposite direction with 10 N of force. What is the net force acting on the object?

  2. 2

    What is the name of the force that pushes UP on a surface (a support force) to prevent an object from falling through a table or floor?

  3. 3

    Object A has a mass of 2 kg. Object B has a mass of 500 kg. If both objects go through free fall, which of the two objects will fall faster?

  4. 4

    An object rests on a stationary table. If the force of gravity acting on the object is 15 N, find the normal force acting on the object.

  5. 5

    What is another name for the force of gravity acting on an object?

  6. 6

    Six teenaged boys take a trip to Jupiter. SPECIFICALLY which of the following will change when they arrive at their destination?

  7. 7

    An object has a mass of 2 kg and accelerates at an average of 3 m/s/s. What is the amount of net force acting on the object?

  8. 8

    Harry has a mass of 60 kg. He sits on a gigantic ice cube. He is pushed with a force of 30 N. How quickly will he accelerate?

  9. 9

    What is the acceleration due to gravity of an object?

  10. 10

    Friction depends on two things. What are they?

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