Double Trouble Weasley Twins Lo\/e Story 5

Double Trouble Weasley Twins Lo\/e Story 5

by: JulyLovesYa

part 5 hope u'll like it...
I might not post these quizzes for a while, because i wont be logging in, sorry :(, but i'll post one as soon as i get back! :D enjoy!

  1. 1

    So ur pulling a prank on Draco with twins evil smile You don't know how to make love potions, but they've made it before,so u're in charge for ingredients.How will you get them??

  2. 2

    You need to get Crabbe's hair (ew) r you gonna do that??

  3. 3

    So you give the twins all of the ingredients, and u wait till the potion is over. "Who's gonna give it to Malfoy?" asks Fred and they both look at you. You...

  4. 4

    So you have to give him the potion...You go trying to find him, and you bump into him infront off Slytherin's common. He's with Crabbe&Goylle. What do u say??

  5. 5

    He pulls u away from Crabbe and Goylle. "What's that?" he asks you looking right into ur eyes. You....

  6. 6

    You make up something and he believed you. So he drinks it and as seconds pass his face starts changing. He's now smiling at you and walking closer to you. "I..Love You!"...

  7. 7

    He pushes you back on the wall, holding your hands. He kisses you lightly on ur lips, and pulls an inch from you "I really wanted to do this..." he started kissing you again, passionatly...

  8. 8

    "Excelsiosempra!" you open your eyes and you see Draco hanging in the air. You look around and you see Fred and George running to you, Fred pointing his wand to Draco."Are u ok?" George asks u?

  9. 9

    Fred puts Draco down and use confusing charm on him so you three can get out. "What happened?"You asked,"we must have put your hair instead of Crabbe's..."

  10. 10

    You run into Harry, Ron and Hermione. "Hey, guys! Where've you been??" What do you say?

  11. 11

    Regardless ur answer, twins tell them what happend and they all laugh. You glare at them, but you laugh too.You all pass by Crabbe and Goylle who r eating cupcakes and glaring at u. You...

  12. 12

    McGonagalli comes to you "Miss _, come with me please!" You leave ur friends behind and follow her to her office. You walk in and sit in one of the chairs...Why do u think you're here?

  13. 13

    And...End of this part! hope u liked it! :) gonna comment? :D pretty pleases!!!

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