7 Minutes in Heaven (with The Beatles obviously!!!)

7 Minutes in Heaven (with The Beatles obviously!!!)

by: ShredFreakinStarkey

Ever wonder if your favourite item could hook you up with an amazing guy? Now you'll know! Ringo, George, Paul or John... hmmmmm..... who shall it be???
The scenario is, your cousin took you to a party with her four closest guy friends and two closest girl friends. Her friends??? The Beatles. John suggest 7 Minutes in Heaven... just go along with it he's John.

  1. 1

    What instrument do you play (if you dont play one pick which you want to play most)?

  2. 2

    There are four cute guys around you you pick...

  3. 3

    Alright... randomness time

  4. 4

    What kind of guy would you pick?

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