Mirror's Edge: a wwyff quiz Part 3

Mirror's Edge: a wwyff quiz Part 3

by: Time_Eternal

Part 4 is out! Have fun!

  1. 1

    You help Matt set the table while Benjamin and Justin finish cooking. What's for dinner?

  2. 2

    Everyone sits down and eats. Whatever you chose for dinner turns out to be really delicious. Throughout dinner everyone talks and jokes around and you are having a really good time. You sat next to

  3. 3

    After dinner you are taken to a huge gameroom. There is a large plasma t.v., video games, cds, three laptops, a foosball table, air hocky, and a pool table.

  4. 4

    Everyone sits down. "All right," Matt starts, "the first thing you need to know is what we are. You already know that Haru is a neko but I'm a vampire, Seth is a demon, Justin is an angel,

  5. 5

    Your eyes grow wide but you don't say anything and Matt continues. "We live in a different dimension than the one your from. Things that don't exist on Earth, like magic and people like us,

  6. 6

    "I don't know how you got here since normal humans can't travel between dimensions, but last night you were attacked by a shadow creature. Seth saved you and brought you here." "Would you mind

  7. 7

    * You tell them all about your missing family, destroyed house, and the mirror. When you're finished Benjamin frowns, "This isn't good." "Why, what do you mean?" you demand. "It means that for some*

  8. 8

    This time Seth answers speaking for the first time, "He is a ruthless and evil monster. He destroys everything in his quest for power. Years ago the dimension we live in was a happy and prosperous

  9. 9

    *"They were kind and just rulers but the Shadow Lord murdered them in cold blood so that he could take control of this dimension. Since then he has filled this world with darkness."

  10. 10

    No one makes a sound after Seth stops talking until Haru speakes up looking sad. "The castle that we're staying in now belonged to King Trion and Queen Liliana. After they died their friend Nezzarr

  11. 11

    *"He took back this castle and he raised and trained all of us to fight. He died six months ago and now it is our job to try and stop the Shadow Lord even though he's so incredibly strong."

  12. 12

    *" So," Benjamin says," If the Shadow Lord is after you we will do whatever we can to protect you and find your family."

  13. 13

    "We'll go search for your family first thing tomorrow morning." Benjamin continues. "Wait, why not tonight?" you demand. "It is too dangerous to leave this castle at night." Matt says. "The Shadow

  14. 14

    And that's the end of the quiz. Remember to comment and rate please.

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