who would fall for you,angel,demon,werewolve or a vampire?part 1

who would fall for you,angel,demon,werewolve or a vampire?part 1

by: When_you_breathe

who would fall for you

  1. 1

    lets say its kinda dark like 8 pm,and oyur walking along a cliff(cus you live by the ocean)and you suddenly fall into the ocean.you fall so hard your dress gets caught on a rock underwater,you

  2. 2

    right before oyur about to blackout,you hear someone dive of the cliff,you dont scream cus it will only waste your breath.then somone grabs you,its a guy that you think is really hot.he trys pulling

  3. 3

    then he quickly rushes you to the surface,when you gets to the top you gasp for air,he does the same.you notice 3 other guys standing by.there staring at you,cus you barley have any clothes on.one of

  4. 4

    the one with purple hair says,come on lets go,he flashes the car keys to the other guys.but you refuse to go,so the one with white hair says wait.ok im jared,the guy with purple hair is alec,red eyed

  5. 5

    alec grabs your neck and hurdles you to the car,the others are saying,dont hurt her!alec yells back:oh shutup im not gonna hurt her.you yell let me go you creep!and then...

  6. 6

    ill make another one next week i sware.but i need more than 2 comments.

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