does my ex still like me.?

by: llstephaniiell

heyy, plz help me,! me nd y ex went thru alot, i still like him a lot does he like me.? plz help me.!

  1. 1

    okay even tho we don't talk any more, he stairs at me everyday when i talk to ppl he just looks in my eyes

  2. 2

    he asked me out in the beginning of the year; and i said no:( even tho i liked him; after i said no, he asked out other girls that ppl say that look like me

  3. 3

    he asked a qirl, to ask me if i wanted to be just friend with him after i said no (wen he asked me out)

  4. 4

    he's try's to make me jelous; but i doesnt work. i make him jelouse

  5. 5

    at the dance his friend was all up on me, he looked a lildo sadd, but he tryed doing the same thing with my enemy but i didnt work i still had fun,

  6. 6

    i broke up with him, ): but overall does he still like me.?

  7. 7

    plz plz comment me.! tell me what yuh think.

  8. 8

    every one tells me he still does

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