One Tree Hill Quiz (VERY HARD)

One Tree Hill Quiz (VERY HARD)

by: lonijean

I see myself as an ultimate one tree hill fan, see if your one too.
SEASONS 1-7 :)

  1. 1

    Season 1 - What were Lucas and Brooke buying in the store when they ran into Deb?

  2. 2

    Season 2 - How does Peyton come up with the name for the all ages club?

  3. 3

    Season 3 - Who used to have a morning paper route when they were young?

  4. 4

    Season 4 - How many times does Haley call Deb when they are at the end of school party?

  5. 5

    Season 5 - What was the score of the Tree hill Ravens before Lucas started couching?

  6. 6

    Season 6 - Where did Nathan and Haley celebrate their 7th Anniversary?

  7. 7

    Season 7 - What is the name of Dans new TV show?

  8. 8

    Season 3 - Apart from Rachel, who else does Peyton tackle at Midnight Madness?

  9. 9

    Season 4 - What made Nathan fearless at the championship?

  10. 10

    Season 1 - "I've wanted this for so long, and now we can have it" ... where was this?

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