What Role Do You Play In Bullying?

by: troup342

Are You The Bully? Are You The Victim? Maybe You're A Bystander. Or Perhaps You're Aggresor Or Even The Defender . Find Out By Answering A Few Questions. Make Sure To Answer Honestly!

  1. 1

    You See Someone Being Bullied So You...

  2. 2

    You See A Nerdy Looking Girl, Walking To School In The Morning. She's New And Has The Best Grades So Everyone Makes Fun Of Her. Do You...

  3. 3

    You Notice A Bullying Situation. But No One Is There Watching. You Have An Opportunity To Say Something To The Bully. What Do You Say?

  4. 4

    A Bully Punches You And Trys To Harm You. After He Beats You Up, You....

  5. 5

    You're On Facebook [Or Any Other Social Network Website] And You're Ex-BFF Continually Posts Your Secrets And Lies About You All Over The Web. What Do You Do?

  6. 6

    You Are Really, Really Mad At The Smart Kid In Your Class Because He Cheated Off Of Your Test And YOU Were Accused Of Cheating Off Of Him. How Do You Handle Your Anger?

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