WWYFF: Vampire, Demon, or Werewolf Part 3

WWYFF: Vampire, Demon, or Werewolf Part 3

by: Sweet_Sacrific

thanks to everyone who reads these! :) Love you all!! ill try to make a new one every week but if i dont sorrrryyy lol RECAP: you had a dream or more like a nightmare and when you wake up Jacob was there and your not in your house. 2 pther boys walked into the room...hmm i wonder who they are??? :}

  1. 1

    you stare at the 2 boys curiously.one had orange hair and forest green eyes,the other had black hair and crystal blue eyes you knew you have never met him before but he seemed oddly familair to you.

  2. 2

    you look back up at Jacob who is staring at the 2 boys, you could tell that he was angry. "Jacob who are they?" you ask Jacob looks at you and smiles "well they're my friends"

  3. 3

    "thats Xavier" he said pointing at the guy with orange hair "and thats James hes the one that saved you laast night" he says pointing to the guy with black hair. he blushes slightly making you smile

  4. 4

    "um hi im _" you say quietly "Jacob where am i" Jacob sighs and looks down at his feet as if he was scared to telll you.you look up at the other guys and they stayed quiet avoiding eye contact

  5. 5

    "__ im sorry. but youre in another dimension called Oriensis (or-e-n-sis) and you cant go back home, you know too much"Jacob said you stare at him confused "what do you mean i cant go back home?"

  6. 6

    "the guy i saved you from last night was from this world not yours.he isnt like you or anyone else in your world" James said "what do you mean hes not like me?" "well hes a vampire"

  7. 7

    you gave him a crazy"Vampires are real?" you ask. you see all 3 of them nod thier head. you look down at your feet in confusion, you didnt know what to believe anymore.

  8. 8

    "and you saved me form him?" you asked James, you see him smile and nod his head "bu but the guy you saved me from had red eyes and you did too.so does theat me that your a..." "a vampire? yes" james

  9. 9

    "everything that you thought wasnt real, is real in this dimension" James adds you nod your head actually believing everything that he was saying "soo what are you guys"you ask Jacob and Xavier

  10. 10

    "Im a demon, but dont worry im not evil" Xavier says with a smirk on his face "im a werewolf" Jacob says looking at his feet you stare at him tears coming to your eyes

  11. 11

    'Why didnt he tell me?ive known him for years, does he not trust me?' you think to yourself "u cant go back home now that uve been bitten,u know too much and we cant let who we are get out"Jacob says

  12. 12

    you could feel tears coming to yur eyes "bu- but i wont tell i promise! and if i do its not like anyone will believe me they'll just think im crazy" you say now crying

  13. 13

    u see Xavier walk out the room with a big sigh"im sorry __ we just cant risk it" Jacob says u nod letting the tears roll down ur cheek."ill go make u something to eat. what would you like" james asks

  14. 14

    you say what you picked from above and James smiles and leaves to make your food leaving you only with Jacob. theres an awkward silence between u 2 "why didnt you tell me Jacob" you ask

  15. 15

    Jacob sighs turning to face you on the bed. he places his hand on your cheek whipping away the remainng tears on your cheek"i didnt want you to be afraid of me you mean too much to me"he said

  16. 16

    "i wouldnt be afraid of you Jacob, im not now" you say with a smile he smiles back at you. he tucks back a piece of your hair and leans in kissing your cheek.you feel yourself blush and he smiles

  17. 17

    sooooo im going to end it there cause idk what else ti write...sorry this one was just an introduction/filler..... anyways hope you liked it next one out soon :)

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