WWYFF: Vampire, Demon, or Werewolf Part 4

by: Sweet_Sacrific

okkkk nexxxxxttttt quizzzzz lol! so thanks everyone for all the comments love them! :) RECAP: umm well you meet the guys and they explain someee things to you like who they are.you found out that James (the guy with black hair and blue eyes) is a vampire, Xavier (the guy with orange hair and green eyes) is a Demon and Jacob (your bestfriend) is a werewolf END! oh and if you have taken my other quizzes have you noticed that i love the names James and Xavier..yeah i do :) lol Comment for next part

  1. 1

    Did you read the memo?? it has the recap and what not :)

  2. 2

    Jacob walks out of the room so that you were now alone.you sigh and get out of bed and head to the bathroom"i cant believe this is happening"you say to yourself

  3. 3

    "wow i look awful!" you say as you look at yourself in the mirror.you decide to take a shower letting the warm water relax your muscles.when you get out you put the same clothes on and leave

  4. 4

    you walk out of your room to find yourself in a long hallway.you look to your left and than to your right hoping that you will find some sort of exit but all you see is a long hall

  5. 5

    You go what ever way you picked and of course end up getting lost."hello!" you called out "Jacob? James? Xavier?" you call out hoping someone would find you.you open the next door to your right

  6. 6

    ending up in what seems like the library.there was a vast collection of books on everywall.you look around in awe and grab a book.it looked old and had nothing on the cover

  7. 7

    you open it up and see that its not in english in fact its not in any language that you know.you flip through the pages looking at picture of what seems to be 4 friends,3 boys and 1 girl when you feel

  8. 8

    "woah __ its just me" Xavier says,you exhale in relief "sorry..i um well im lost this place is huge!" Xavier smiles "where to?" he asks you

  9. 9

    he nods grabbing your hand and walking you out of the room."soo how did you all meet?" you ask.Xavier looks at you trying to hide the hurt in his eyes"y-you dont have to tell me i was just curious"

  10. 10

    "no no its fine __ i dont mind." you nod and look at your hand holding his a little tighter making him slightly smile"I was abandoned as a baby in these wood" he starts

  11. 11

    "i dont remember much from when i was younger but i do remember the day they left me.my mother was beautiful and my father was very handsom, from what i remember but they were also very young"

  12. 12

    "the day they left me it was raining pretty hard too. my mother held me tight in her arms as she ran through the woods with father close to her side,something well someone was chasing them but i dont

  13. 13

    "no matter what my mother kept smiling, guess she didnt want me to feel like i was in danger" he says quietly "you dont have to-" "no its ok" Xavier says with a smile,you msile back and let him finish

  14. 14

    "they got far enough from whoever was chasing them and found a man going into his house.they ran to the house dropping me off on the front step.my father looked me in the eyes smiled than left

  15. 15

    "my mother smiled at me with tears in her eyes,she touched my cheek and kissed my forehead, she never stopped smiling" he says with a smile on his face.

  16. 16

    "she stuck a note onto the blanket she carried me in and rang the door bell.she gave me one last hug and smiled, than she left following my father."

  17. 17

    "the man from before came out and took me in. he had a little boy with him too and it was James. James Father took care of me ever since until he died in war when i was 7, thats when Jacob came.

  18. 18

    James had brought him hime with him one day and said that he was going to be living with us, but when he got older he was mostly in the human world with you i guess." you nod taking in the full story

  19. 19

    "what did the note that your mother left say" you ask curiously "oh i dont know the rain damanged the letter" he says quietly holding your hand a little tighter now and walking faster.

  20. 20

    "thanks for telling me Xavier. im sorry all that happened to u" "yeah me too just dont tell anyone about this ok __"he says turning to u.he looks serious and slightly worried.u nod your head promising

  21. 21

    he smiles as you 2 turn a corner. you hear a scream from downstairs and you both stop. "what was that" you ask "i dont know but we have to hurry. com on!" Xavier says pulling you into a sprint to the

  22. 22

    Cut!!! hehe cliffy! who screamed? hmm find out next time! :) hope you guys liked it you got to learn more about Xavier..see Demons can be nice:)next one out soon!Comment and message for ideas! :)

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